The Sedona International Film Festival is on. I am helping to cover the events as one of the Festival Photographers and this is quite an event.

Covering this event has been much easier now that I am sporting lighter gear. The Micro 4/3rds format is awesome. I know with my full DLSR kit I would come home from a day of coverage with sore arms, hands and shoulders with a bit of lower back pain thrown in… The Lumix DLSM’s GH3 and GX7 that were hanging from my shoulders yesterday left nary a dent.

still from 'girl on a train' w movie viewersSill frame form movie ‘The Girl On the Train’ by Larry Brand with audience at Mary D. Fisher Theatre.

Larry brand photo answering questions after movie showingLarry Brand and audience following a screening of ‘The Girl On The Train’ at Sedona International Film Festival.

aron camisano with audience photoAron Camisano fields questions from audience after his short film ‘Chocolates’ was screened
at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

jeremy levin photoJeremy Levin answers questions following the showing of his new film ‘Girl on a Bicycle’ at the Sedona Film Festival.

award for jeremy levin from sedona film festivalPatrick Schweiss, President/Executive Director, presents Jeremy Levin the Excellence in Screenwriting Award on behalf of the Sedona International Film Fest after the screening of ‘Girl on a Bicycle’.

patrick schweiss  addresses SPAC thearte crowd photoPresident/Executive Director Patrick Schweiss addresses a packed house at the Sedona International Film Festival at the Sedona Performing Arts Center on opening day…

More coverage to come in following posts. I’ll be covering this event through Friday morning.

Yours in Photography,         Bob