I was a virgin before this project. Videographer that is…

My partner in this production, Neal of Promo Films West has been after me to do video for a large number of years. With my move to micro 4/3rds Lumix cameras I finally aquiesed. Since getting the Lumix GH3 and Lumix GX7 I’ve been experimenting with bits of video but this project for Sedona Real Inn & Suites was the first time to go into full production. These cameras capture great video and Neal was super impressed by some of the features but one in particular got him very excited, The ability to shoot at 1080 and 60P. I had no idea what a big deal this was when we started but after seeing the motion used in the clips I get it. Neal did the editing on this project and was quite creative.

Here’s the promo… Let me know what you think.

Sedona Real Inn & Suites Promo Video
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