sedona time lapse

Time lapse videos are very popular these days and they are now easier to create than ever…

I took new Lumix G7 out for a time-lapse spin. The clouds were streaming over the red rocks with an azure blue sky as an accent. Camera was mounted with the Lumix Vario 12-35mm f2.8. Settings were – time lapse with a three second interval. There were 149 images captured. Inside track note – to save wear and tear on the camera’s shutter you can use the electronic shutter vs the mechanical shutter.

Then it’s to the playback menu on the G7. The Time Lapse setting allows you to choose quality and frame rate for the processing of the video. I choose 4K Video & twelve FPS for this video which came out to be about twelve seconds of finished. The camera tells you how long it will take to render and asks you if you would like it to process or not. When you say yes, a few minutes later there’s a video saved to your card (one note – make sure you have large cards time lapse and the video take up some card real estate)

The next piece of the puzzle is the appearance of camera movement while the Time Lapse is being made. That’s why I choose the 4K Quality setting when rendering the Time Lapse to a movie. I took the resulting movie file straight from the camera and put it int Adobe Premiere on a 1080 timeline. Since the video is four times the size of 1080 there is room to use a Ken Burns type effect to show camera movement. Love the possibilities this brings to mind!!

Thirty second G7 time lapse in the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona

 It’s pretty cool when you see others appreciate the tools with which you are working. Consumer Reports Holiday Gift Guide put the G7 on the list as one of the Top Products of the Year for gadgets and gifts.

consumer reports gift guide

G7 is listed as on of the Top Products of the Year

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

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