Huddled in the bathroom with three other people and two dogs all of us shivering with fear listening to the wind howling I was wondering if the roof would peel back. Suddenly the water heater began to shake like a break dancer with an appreciative crowd adding to the cacophony already rendering the air.

Four more times the water heater did an encore dance driven by tornados on the road behind the house. Then blessed relative silence as the torndos wormed their way down the road overturning buildings and twisting the tops of trees off as if they were mere matchsticks.

Water lashed the building in sheets finding it’s way through microscopic openings we didn’t know existed puddling on the floor.

NO this isn’t a report from the typhoon in the Phillipines, it was 1994 on St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands in the middle of hurricane Marilyn as the wall of the eye passed by…

“What the hell does this have to do with photography, Bob??”

Well, I’ve been reading some posts on forums and blogs and seeing the vitriol being released about MWACS, AWACS, GWACS, the arguments to sell or not sell images CD’s, the “my camera is better than yours”, who is a pro photographer or not.

And – I’m tired of it! You know why? We are so fortunate to live in the country we do with all the benefits we enjoy. The arguments are not life or death. We are intolerant and don’t take the time to be thankful for what we have and how wonderful it is to work in an industry we enjoy. Let’s show a little more love to each other. Be more tolerant. Revel in the relative bounty we enjoy and take a moment to show and share gratitude for the bountious world in which we inhabit.

Thanks for listening to my mini-rant. I now return you to posts specifically geared to photography, business and marketing. Remember to share the love!

Hurricane map of MarilynSpent a long time recovering from this hurricane.
Can only imagine what the people in the Phillipines are going through. Please be thankful for all the you have and the gifts you constantly receive in your life and share the thoughts with others