Conductor Russell Fox of the Verde Valley’s thirty – plus piece Sinfonietta said, “We really enjoyed being Eric’s back up band for his classical music debut!”

Eric Miller on guitar during his Classical Music Debut in Sedona, AZ.

Eric Miller a fabulous accomplished guitarist in flamenco, samba, rock and eclectic music emerged into classical music playing Vivaldi’s Concerto for Guitar & Strings. My wife Holly and I have enjoyed Eric’s music for years and are big fans. He’s an incredible talent. What’s very interesting is that while Eric can read music he tends to learn and play by ear. It was a wonderful performance and we applaud Eric’s expanding horizons. If you want to checkout some of Eric Miller’s musical accomplishments you can find some on his link above… I highly recommend his Eclectic Music CD… It’s subtitled Elevator Music for Cool People. With the music composed by and most instrumentation performed by Eric it’s wonderful music to have in your collection.

Anna Han at Emerging Artists concert. Next stop Julliard School of Music in New York City

A huge bonus to us was the second Emerging Artist at the concert, Anna Han, who played Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 AKA ‘The Emperor’ an amazing piano concerto that was Ludwig’s last composition before he started loosing his hearing. Her deft playing with incredible subtleties was nothing short of outstanding. I literally had tears coming to my eyes during portions of the concerto. Oh, did I mention she is just about to graduate high school? Following that she’ll be heading to Julliard School of Music in New York.

The Verde Valley Sinfonietta performs several concerts each year. If you live in or are visiting Sedona you should make it a point to enjoy the fabulous music produced by these dedicated musicians.

Following the concert I overheard a knowledgeable patron of live musical arts say, “You could not have heard a better concert concert anywhere in the world! Fabulous!”

I was not working but wanted to record images for my friend Eric but obviously didn’t want to disturb fellow concert goers. My trusty Lumix GX7 comes to the fore again. I was able to set the camera in silent mode. This allowed me to capture the images with no disturbance to those around me. Very important! I used the 35-100 f2.8 Vario lens for the close ups

All in all a beautiful day….