MMM good! Filet skewer with mashed potatoes… Sound Bites Grill. Sedona, AZ.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming for this space.

Had my Lumix LX100 an energetic little point and shoot with me when I went out for a meal with my wife. I try not to get too carried away with my camera gear when we are out for a pleasurable meal so I just bring the little guy for the occasional frame grab when something grabs my attention. So when the entertainer went on break I noticed the lighting on the mic and stage and thought “There’s a pretty cool scene…”

sound bites grill photo

Sound Bites Grill stage waiting for the return of the guitarist.

This is a pretty powerful little camera which I have dubbed, “the professionals point & shoot”, with all the pro settings available outside the electronic menus on easy to use dials. I set this for Aperture Priority and knocked the the Exposure compensation down about one stop to preserve the highlights. Brought the shadows back up a bit when processing in Adobe Camera RAW. Shooting at 3200 ISO gave a bit of noise in the shadows so I used NIK Define 2 to knock out the noise. Make a square crop and Viola…

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

PS – I was at a client restaurant for dinner and entertainment and will gift them this image and a couple others to use for some marketing. Solid long time client!