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‘Wall of Fame’

A new member for the Sound Bites Grill ‘Wall of Fame’ in Sedona, Arizona. Sound Bites is the largest live entertainment restaurant in Sedona and over the years have brought in some great entertainment. I have been fortunate to record many of the fine musicians and entertainers and create photographic art to celebrate their performances. Here’s one of the latest, guitarist Darius Lux.

darius lux guitaristDarius Lux ‘Wall of Fame’ Art

For the curious, here’s how I create the images for the ‘Wall’.

Capture live performance while trying to get good poses that tell the story of the artist. For example, Darius bill himself as ‘Acoustic Spirit & Soul’. That’s why I choose a shot of his eyes down in a thoughtful position. To capture the stage show I use the Lumix GH4 usually mounted with the 35-100mm f2.8 Lumix Vario lens. This makes it possible to capture the action with no flash and from low profile so I don’t disturb guests who enjoying the show.

The artist signs his or her autograph on a blank white sheet of paper with marker that is then scanned into the computer. Using Adobe Photoshop I invert the color so the words and signature are white and the paper black. Then the signature is moved to the file and changed to Screen Mode. This has the effect of making the paper ‘disappear’ and the text remain. This is resized to represent a regular autograph. This would not be possible after the fact as many of the musicians are from out of town. At the very least even of they are from Sedona getting up with them for the signature would take quite a bit of time.

The artwork is accomplished in Photoshop by selecting other images that contain textures and using more Blend Modes, color layers and masks to get the final look. While there is a unifying feel to all the images no two are created in the same way.

Yours in Creative Photography,    Bob

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