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Enjoyed sharing some ideas with the Prescott Arizona Camera Club Great group!  After I spoke I had a chance to see their print competition and it showed they have quite a few very talented photographers. Looks like they are in growth mode with a push for new members and improving their meetings and organization.


Prescott Camera Club meeting. (thanks to Bruce Roscoe for grabbing this image for me)

Here’s some feed back from my presentation…

“Bob – great presentation last night. By the time you’d finished the initial slide show I was ready to try about a dozen new things in Photoshop. I love your layered work. Please send me your presentation slides. There was a great deal of terrifically valuable information in there. Thanks,”     JB Burke

“I enjoyed your presentation Tuesday night and am impressed with
artistry.  Please send me the samples and links you discussed.   I am
also interested in the site you demonstrated for watercolor effect. In
addition to the nice images that can be produced I found it is a perfect
way to save a nice subject that I have photographed but is flawed.”  Pat Fiedler

“Bob, really enjoyed your presentation at our club last evening. You mentioned that you would e-mail any info that would help to become a better photographer with the subjects that you covered in your presentation. I  would really enjoy some of those websites and articles. Thank You, and again really enjoyed your presentation.”     Jim Naumann

“Good Morning Bob,
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last night.  It was entertaining as well as inspiring.  I love what you are doing with the layers, blend modes and textures.  Your work is awesome! Please send me the “sticky notes” from last night.  I like your idea of learning one technique a day.  It makes learning Photoshop much more manageable. Thank you for sharing,”         Bill Zombeck

Lumix helped make it possible with sponsorship for me to speak to this group. Need a speaker for your group or organization?? Get in touch.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

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