squirrel moment

Walking from my favorite restaurant and I spy an absolutely beautiful flower bloom on a cactus. So I stop to shoot a couple frames and move on in the glow of the after dinner bliss… Or, was it the wine?

No matter.

‘Squirrel Moment!’

I know you’ve had this happen.

You think you see something beautiful. On the move you grab a frame thinking you have something to work on later. Turns out you were distracted by the ‘squirrel!’ in the image and failed to look at the whole scene carefully in the frame. Here’s a recent ‘squirrel’ shot from my wanderings.

cactus flower

Man, I almost don’t even want to show you this… In my mind I saw the flowering blooms
and new buds coming on (cue beautiful music)…
The reality of the ‘past prime’ dead flower buds escaped my notice until
I opened the image and viewed it on the computer. “Bummer!”

I think it’s good to share the not so good stuff as well as our treasures so we all know we are in the same boat… Chugging away, trying to create beautiful images, and not always hitting a home run. The usual camera was in play and it did a good job helping me get a nice exposure on the run. It’s not the fault of the Lumix FZ1000 that I can be distracted by a ‘Squirrel Moment”… They can’t all be perfect can they???

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

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