I believe this Sunday’s Photo Art Quote has to do with being in the moment.

Taking everything that the photographer has learned, experienced and been exposed to over a lifetime and bringing it to the table to create the strongest image possible. It’s when we aren’t in the now that our work can become trivialized. If you are thinking about lunch or dinner or a fight you had over breakfast or an upcoming vacation or how you are going to pay a bill you will not be producing your best work because you don’t have access to your brain’s immense resources.

edward steichen quote

“It is the artist in photography that gives form to content by a distillation of ideas, thought, experience, insight and understanding.” Edward Steichen

It is with this in mind that I am trying to be aware of everything I put into my brain. I try to spend quality time in front of great art, good books and all types of images photographic and otherwise. Think of this process as you might a computer axiom  of GIGO. GIGO equals garbage in – garbage out. The more solid information that is packed into the brain, and accessed in the moment the better image making becomes.

Think about it before you do mindless things. Watch the magazines you read, the television shows you watch, movies and art you view along with books you read. Remember… GIGO.

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob