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Always looking for inspiration outside of photography to help with the creative side… And today let’s take a walk far, far away from the photographer’s world and into getting the brain to fire on all cylinders for some creativity.

thoreau quote image“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” Henry David Thoreau, in Walden

Have you ever driven somewhere and wondered how you got there??

Do you enjoy the cascade of water flowing over you during your shower? Do you even feel it?

What was the last really good meal you had? Were you actually there for it and can remember it? In detail?

Do you really look at yourself in the mirror or are you so busy doing whatever it is you are doing you don’t really see?

“What the hell does this have to do with creativity Bob??” You ask.

Here what I believe. We are so busy living in the past or the future that there is no way to truly harness our brains for as much creativity as possible. By that I mean we spend way too much time fretting over something in the past like an angry conversation that keeps playing over and over in our head. Or, we are constantly worried about the possibility of something that might go wrong in the future. Or, trying so hard to get to that ‘successful’ place that will make us finally make us happy – you know, having more money, or being able to travel to that magical destination, or finding a new partner… Pick that thing that’s always in the future that we KNOW will make us happy, rather than being happy now.

If we enjoy THIS moment – RIGHT NOW – and live in this moment as much as possible we open up our brains to concentrate on what we are working on with no distractions from the past or future will allow us to be open to new ideas and creative combinations.

The job of the brain is to create thoughts. LOTS of thoughts. Many of these thoughts can take us away from where we might want to be at any one moment. It is also responsible for doing many things automatically to keep us alive like breathing, our heart beating, muscles moving so we can walk and move. The problem comes when we are so busy allowing our brain to do so many things automatically we don’t control our thoughts and allow our them to control us our life can pass by in a flurry and we have not had a chance to enjoy it – or be as creative as we might be.

How do you gain back control? Meditation is a great way to find out how the brain is working to our detriment. “Wait a minute Bob, I’m not going to sit in a corner looking at my navel!” I don’t suggest that by any means. What I do suggest is learning how to “be in the moment”. Learn a practice called Mindfulness.

I’m still workng on it myself but finding it to be extremely helpful and this is a great place to start. A book called Whereever You Go There you Are, – by Jon Kabat-Zinn Give it read. (I’ve given you a link to the Kindle version as the hard copy is currently out of stock) Try some of his suggestions and let me know how it’s been a help to you. It’s under ten bucks and a little bit of your time. I think you will be extremely surprised… in your everyday life as well as your creative life.

Your in Photography,      Bob

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