Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Ernst Haas

Pioneer in color photography.

Ernst Haas was born in Vienna in 1921. His early photographic work on Austrian returning prisoners of war brought him to the attention of LIFE magazine. Offered a job as a staff photographer he declined to keep his independence. At the invitation of Robert Capa, Haas joined Magnum Photographers in 1949, developing close associations with Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Experimenting with Kodachrome film. In 1953 LIFE magazine published a groundbreaking 24-page color photo New York City essay. This was the first time such a large color photo feature was published by LIFE. A 1962 retrospective was the first color photography exhibition held at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Needless to say, words of wisdom coming from an early icon have a bit of meaning son on to today’s Photo/Art Quote.

ernst haas quote“There is only you and your camera. The limits in your photography are in yourself.”  Ernst Haas

I believe these few words hold one of the secrets to becoming a better photographer. We need to look inside and learn what we want to create and how to do it. It goes back to something we talk about here in the Successful-Photographer blog, experimentation, and practice.

We also need to be forgiving of ourselves when we aren’t able to create the vision we have inside. Not having forgiveness leads to fear. Fear leads to lack of trying new things because we might not have success right away.

Lose the fear.

Experiment with new ideas and techniques.

Practice the new. Discard the old.

Learn your camera and its capabilities.

Look inside see what you can find to lose your limits.

Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob