Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Steve McCurry

Camera as a passport.

A very interesting thought.

I hadn’t thought of my camera as a way to witness and become part of events, but now that I look back over the years I was exposed to many opportunities I wouldn’t have had in another line of work.

An iconic photojournalist who traveled the world documenting life in many cultures Steve McCurry created many images I’m sure you know. Magazine articles, covers and books too numerous to count are among his output with his camera. The quote below sparked today’s post.

steve mccurry qoute“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”
Steve McCurry

While I did not have the need to wander quite as much as McCurry, I have moved around the world a little bit. I came to photography relatively late in life a camera led me to experiences, adventures and the ability to set up shop in a new place when my wife tired of the constant threat of hurricanes when we lived in the Caribbean.

Some highlights that come to mind.

bob coates ppa magazine coverProfessional Photographers of America cover by yours truly

Aerial photography with my first magazine cover shot while hanging out of a helicopter flying on its side so that the downdraft would not interfere with the Rolex Regatta sailboat race below.

Photographing President Clinton when he made a trip to St, Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Documenting the wedding memories of hundreds of couples.

Being behind the scenes with entertainers and performers.

My camera doesn’t have quite as many passport stamps as McCurry’s as yet, but I know that it will take me to more places in the future.

What a great thought.

Where has your camera taken you? Share here if you get a moment.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob