Vinnie has the photo art quote to start the conversation today on Successful-Photographer…

I can’t be sure that this is what he was talking about in his quote but I will take the ball and run with it the way I read it.

vincent Van Gogh photo art quote

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~Vincent van Gogh

I take this to mean that you don’t start at the top… but you have to start! Place the brush on the canvas and make the first stroke. Add another. And another. Don’t expect to wave a magic wand and immediately have a masterpiece.

Let’s bring this a little closer to home for photographers. As I coach and teach fellow photographers I often encounter a frustration from them that they aren’t being creative enough. Or things just aren’t happening fast enough. We live in a very “now’ society and often feel that success should come quickly because we have such fabulous tools to work with… There still needs to be basic practice followed by study of the attempt. Practice again. Try new techniques. Blend ideas that have come your way. Practice again. Squeeze the shutter one more time. Practice the techniques until they become second nature so vision can begin to fill some of the time formerly spent on trying to figure out the correct settings on the camera or figuring exactly out how to do exactly what you are trying to do…

I ask you this. What small thing are you working n that will allow you to head toward Great Things?

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob