pLaY!!! With your pHotOgraPHy…

pj orourke art quote

“The more evolved and animal is, the more time it spends playing.” P.J. O’Rourke

What do you think I mean here?

It’s the advice I give to photographers (and myself) when it’s time to learn something new.

Pick a lens you haven’t used in a long time and use it all day.

Change the shutter speed to a level that you are sure is too low and see what happens.

During the exposure shake the camera. Spin it. Zoom it. Add a rear curtain sync flash to a longer exposure.

Pick one color you want to capture for a day.

Grab a macro lens and add some extension tubes to it. Mix and match some or all of the above.

In Photoshop push some buttons and examine some filters just to see what they will do. Slide a slider as far as it will go to see what it does when pushed to it’s limit. Change the blend modes and opacity. Add textures. Shuffle the layers repeat. Repeat again.

salute to georgia okeefe tryptich

Here’s an example of play with a Salute to Georgia O’Keeffe

Continually ask the question, ‘What happens if I…???’

Become an evolved animal! ROAR…

Yours in Creative Photography,          Bob

PS – Let me know what you come up with…