Do you see details when you create your images?

I know I’ll sometimes be surprised at what has appeared within the frame of my images knowing that I didn’t see it when making the capture. Occasionally it’s a happy accident but more often than not the element is one I would have left out by repositioning my subject or changing the view within by introducing a different angle.

“So what’s your point Bob?”

The point is we will often create better images when we pare down our compositions making sure that there are no competing elements to distract from the story we are trying to tell. Over the years I’ve had many conversations with my commercial hotel property clients about not trying to show everything in the rooms but to ficus on details that could tell the story with just a glance. That’s why I choose today’s quote from jazz artist Dizzy Gillespie. I continually find parallels as I look across different art modes such as painting, music and writing.

dizzy gillespie quote

“You spend a lifetime playing music to learn what not to play,” Dizzy Gillespie

What can you leave out from your next image to make it more powerful? I’ll be thinking on that too…

Yours in Creative Photography,    Bob