At the convention here in Nashville Tennessee with Professional Photographers Association at Imaging USA.


Way over 10,000 photographers here to network, learn about photography, learn about new products and become inspired bout this wonderful business we have chosen in which to make our living.

That brings me to why my Sunday Photo/Art quote is running a day late (it’s been a really busy time!) And to not delay the quote any longer…

thom rouse process qoute

“It’s all about the process!”  Thom Rouse

Thom presented a program called “The Case for Fine Art” and suggests if we choose or as we try to move our photography in an artistic direction that it starts with OUR process – whatever that may be.

What is creativity? Thom suggests that Creativity is the process of the prepared mind. It’s anything you do in your creative life to make your imagery. What kind of lens do you put on your camera? What format? What subjects do you shoot? What settings do you use? How do you expose yourself to new imagery to draw inspiration from? Art in museums museums, web sites, books, other photographers images?

thom rouse image

Thom Rouse fine art image © Thom Rouse All Rights Reserved

Once you have the tools of the process down you go through a number of steps as you create your images. You need a prepared mind as noted above looking at art and life for inspiration. You can get stuck or as he calls this moment, ‘incubation’. Then possibly a reversal of thinking. Making mistakes including ‘AHA!’ moments and ‘Happy Accidents’. Having Passion and perseverance and knowing that failure defines success.

thom rouse fine art image

Thom Rouse fine art image © Thom Rouse All Rights Reserved

Failure defines success. We’ve been talking about that here on Successful-Photographer a lot in this Sunday morning corner and I submit once again if you are not making mistakes not constantly trying to learn you probably won’t be doing anything really creative.

What mistakes are you going to make this week, this month, this year? Go for it!

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

PS – This is only one of over 90 programs available to choose from this year. If you aren’t getting out to conventions and educational programs you are going tot be growing your art and your business