I wish I had a name to attach to today’s quote… That Anonymous person sure had a lot of attributions!

It is so indicative of people who become successful… When I talk to people about the success that I have had in my career, and my life in general, they often despair at the possibility of having that success for themselves. They only see the somewhat finished movie that I present to the world and compare that to their everyday life. The secret is to work hard and put in some time.

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Success is what happens when 10,000 hours of prereation meet with one moment of opportunity.” Anonymous

“Picture this…” (in your best Rod Serling voice playback) “… a simple duck upon the water, sitting placidly and quietly. What we don’t see is that the seemingly restful fowl has webbed feet churning madly beneath the surface to keep him in place.”  (end Roddo’s voice)

It takes work to be successful. Time of course. But, the work is not actually hard. It is ongoing with each piece layered on top of the one before. When you first start the journey seems insurmountable because there is so many steps to take. The cool thing is when you put a plan in place and start moving those webbed feet one push at a time not only do you stop being pushed downstream you find equalibrium followed by steady progress upstream.


Ah, so glad you asked… Better imaging, better business and a better life all come from going one step at a time with the end journey in mind. You have to put in the time. What you’ll find is that the end goal keeps changing as you move closer and realize it wasn’t as far away as you thought. Want to be a better photographer tomorrow? Start learning and practicing new techniques today. Want a better business? Learn new sales techniques. practice them until they become second nature. Set a path. Work toward the end goal. If you find as you get closer it’s not where you thought it was going take a detour…

Sometimes having another set of eyes watching and helping you plan can be a huge help. When we are too close to a problem we often can’t see the forest for the trees. Need some help finding a path? Check out my coaching. Let’s talk for an hour… If you don’t feel it’s a help there’s no charge and no hard feelings. Get in touch and see if I can’t be of help on your journey.      Yours in photography,       Bob