I’m back….

Go ahead admit it you missed me! Well maybe not. I tired to keep up posts while on the cruise to Mexico but the ship’s Internet connection is a bit on the slow side and not inexpensive. But, I digress from the purpose of today’s post.

I am a big fan of making mistakes. Today’s quote is from Julia Sorel kind of reinforces the idea you should be willing to take chances. You should give a shove on the envelope and see if you can discover new things… On the down side it can be a bit uncomfortable. I believe it’s a price we should be willing to pay. How about you??

sunday photo quote from Julia Sorel“If you’re never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.” – Julia Sorel

Sorel is an artist and author. Her given name is Rosylyn Drexler. She has had a very interesting career spanning several creative outlets… Check her out. And then try something new!

Yours in Photography,       Bob