Photo/Art Quote – Abhijeet Sawant

Take the time to think about today’s photo/art quote…

I have noticed a lot of photographs as beautiful subjects that don’t quite make it in my book as a beautiful photograph. Why because the maker didn’t wait for a fantastic lighting situation to push the shutter. Photography is ‘painting with light’ and many today are in too much of a hurry to work a scene to it’s fullest potential.

I believe this has a lot to do with many things. Our electronic age, the instant gratification of digital cameras and the instant display of images via social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among others.

Ansel Adams was happy if he felt he created one solid image a month and I talk to photographers who are disappointed with their work if they haven’t produced a wonderful image today… on a regular basis.

photo/art quote“Patience is the essence of clicking great photographs!!”  Abhijeet Sawant

If you would like to create memorable images may I suggest you take a deep breath, slow down and smell the roses, so-to-speak with your image capture and your post-processing.

Invest time in your craft. It’s worth it!