I love this guy (or is it gal?) Anonymous. Seems to come up with all kinds of great ideas…

Here’s the thought starter for today’s post. “When you use a camera, not as a machine but as an extension of your heart, You become ONE with your subject.”

photo art quote imageIf I may make a recommendation based on today’s thought for you as a photographer – it’s to really learn your equipment. Today’s cameras are awesome machines with lots of possibilities and settings. Read your manual. Try all the different settings. Practice. When you are watching TV have your camera with you and practice finding the settings you need by feel. When you are on the bus or the plane practice setting the camera for different situations without looking at the camera. The better and faster you can set your camera for different situations the less you need to think about it the more in touch you’ll be with your chosen subject. Practice every time you get a spare moment and try to keep your camera with you all the time so when you see a new or interesting lighting situation you can capture it and see if your eye matches what you thought you were capturing with your camera.

And that my friend will make a huge difference in the images you bring home.

By the way did I mention that you should practice??

Your in Photography,        Bob

PS – I’ve been finding that with the micro 4/3rds mirrrorless camera system it is much easier to have a camera with me all the time. My preferred model for everyday use is the Lumix GX7 accompanied by a very small ThinkTank Photo pouch of lenses.