Had a chance to experience this quote by Henri in action at the North Central District Professional Photographers of America imaging competition.

photo quote from henri cartier bresson

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

Two full days working with Thirteen other people viewing print images and digital files. Talk about being immersed in photography. Here’s the way it works. Six people are on a panel and along with a jury chair are working to see that each image gets a fair shake at be judged as impartially as possible. And therein lies my tie-in with the quote.

Being exposed to the shear number of images created and seeing what makers can envision makes me proud to be part of this industry. Moments in time preserved for families. Stories crafted. Fantasies brought to life. Emotions captured and far-off vistas shared. All of these images passed in front of my eyes and were created by photographers sharing their vision captured through the lens.

I salute those who put their images out there for review and to learn how to become better image makers and show what might never have been seen.

What are you creating right now>

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob