This is an awesome quote!

quote image“No man becomes a fool until he stops asking questions.” Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Often I see tentativeness in people about asking questions because they might be thought the less of because they don’t already have that information. When I am giving seminars and presenting programs I will often get questions from attendees that are couched with this phrase, “This is probably a stupid question…” Please remember there are NO stupid questions. Only uninformed people who are afraid to ask.

What kind of questions help you in your photography business?

Obviously talking with other photographers asking about techniques can be helpful in adding to your bag of tricks and can be of help. But dig a little deeper.

Asking questions of your photographic subjects can unearth information that can help you tell their story better. With the proper question you can get an expression and inner light not usually apparent. Or better yet you might uncover a story you didn’t even know was there that could lead to a photo essay!

Asking questions of people when you are traveling can uncover some really cool photographic opportunities. Most people are proud of their town and happy to share interesting areas in their neighborhood.

Ask questions about business.

Be like a child. Stay curious. Don’t be embarrassed. Ask questions. You’ll be rewarded for it…

Your in Photography,         Bob

PS The originator of today’s quote was Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He was a mathematician and electrical engineer. He fostered the development of alternating current that made possible the expansion of the electric power industry in the United States. Wikipedia