Sunday Photo/Art Quote March 6

Usually the Sunday Photo/Art Quote is devoted to creative arts and how to get better as an artist. Today it’s kind of a two-pronged thrust tied in with business. We are artists. But if we don’t get paid enough and often enough we’ll be out of business and not able to stay in this creative field.

Today’s quote comes from a man who is all business, yet appreciates and collects art. He is the founder of the Wizard Academy (an out-of-the-box-place-of-learning) and writes a weekly piece you can subscribe to called the Monday Morning Memo. (I know I look forward to the Memo and the subsequent foray through the Rabbit Hole that touches on art, science, business, the weird, music, art – well you gotta go there to understand)

But I digress. Here’s today’s quote…

roy williams quote“Every door of opportunity begins as a window in the mind.”  Roy H. Williams

The reason this quote came forward this morning was because I gave a talk to the professional photographers of Michigan on ‘Personal Projects – Why to do them, how to do them and how to make money doing them’. The talk ties creating art for it’s own sake and finding a way to monetize it. I realized that every project I assigned myself I ALWAYS learned something new and found it led to at least one, if not more, of these five things…

• Service to my community. •  Press releases. • Photographic competition images. • Food. • Money.

And, not necessarily was that list in order of importance. Most of the time I wanted to learn a new skill and then found a way to tie it to the list for extra benefit.

Think about his quote. Sit with yourself and quiet your mind. (I know it can be hard to do with the circus running ’round in there!) But do your best. Relax. Clear. Be in this moment for a little while. Can you see the window? What is just outside that you would like to do? Dwell there for a bit. Expand the idea.

Go do it…

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

PS – have some thoughts you’ like to share? I appreciate comments and moving this into a dialog. Agree? Disagree? Let me know….