Sunday Photo/Art Quote – The Art Spirit Robert Henri

I was recently turned on to this book and am enjoying it immensely. Robert Henri has written about art in a way I have never heard before. He is very straightforward in presenting his ideas about art and the creation thereof.

I have a feeling that I could use this book to populate the Successful-Photographer’s Sunday Photo/Art Quote for the better part of the year. Here is a quote from Henri…

robert henri art qoute“Paint like a fiend when the idea possesses you.” Robert Henri

I enjoy this quote as I occasionally find myself super-inspired in creative spurts. During these creative times I seem to see things in a new light, viewing everyday subjects in a new way. Strangely enough, this often happens when I am traveling or upon my return home from an extended stay away. (or on nights when I can’t sleep because I drank coffee too late in the day ; )>. I have a feeling that any huge change in environment tends to sharpen the visual senses. May I suggest that you strike while the iron is hot.

When it’s working, make sure you are too…

text from the art spirit“The student is not an isolated force. He belongs to a great brotherhood, bears a kinship to his kind. He takes and he gives. He benefits by taking and he benefits by giving.”  Robert Henri in The Art Spirit

I also share this quote as it explains to me some of the reasons that I am so passionate about sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with others. As he states, “He benefits by taking and he benefits by giving.” I learn so much when I am teaching. Much of the education comes in the preparation of the programs and more from the students when I am teaching as they share lessons they have learned.

I say if you want to learn something inside and out, teach or write a book about it.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob