With a surge of power the plane raced down the runway and charged up into the wild blue yonder. The view from the small porthole of a window led me to ponder about the perspective change the aerial view gives us of this world we live in.

Lines of cars feel like the smallest of ants from 28,000, opps – still climbing, from 30,000 feet according to the latest captain’s report from the cockpit.

Being able to see the paths created by water following through least resistance is thought provoking. The effects of time and that water carving its way through rock and stone that looks – up close – to be extremely strong and unyielding.


Brings us to today’s quote.

Berenice Abbott photography qoute

“Photography helps people to see.”    Berenice Abbott

aerial view arizona desert

Aerial view of Arizona desert from 30,000 feet.

I’m sure that in our businesses if we took the ‘arial view’ we’d have a much better time in life. Things that up-close-and-personal seem as unyielding as the rocks will be reveled that if we are as liquid and relentless as the water that has carved the canyons we will prevail. It means working hard but when hitting a bit of a wall rather than banging your head against it see if there’s a way to flow around it or find a small crack and through steady small drips that eventually swell into rivulets, then streams, creeks and rivers we can make our way through.

In what way have you helped someone view the world in a different way?

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

PS –  A woman before her time. Photographer Berenice Abbott