While I wouldn’t have used the word *’INFESTED’ I love the thought behind today’s Photo/Art Quote from Leo Steinberg.

I’m going to guess that being an art critic and historian old Leo was used to using some seriously negative pejoratives in his writing… But I digress.

Why does this quote resonate with me enough to share with you today?

art critic leo steinberg quote

“All art is infested by other art.”    Leo Steinberg

I would like you to take this quote literally and be aware that your brain is like a computer and the old saying, ‘garbage-in=garbage-out’ is true. As is the opposite. Fill your mind with fabulous and wonderful imagery whether it be from standing in museums studying the Masters of photography, painting or sculpture, reading books and magazines with imagery you admire or looking at advertising photography. I have art books. I stand in front of paintings in museums and art galleries. I will fire up my I-Pad to view and study a single artist for 15 minutes before sleep so those images will be processed in the night.

As you study the artists you admire you will begin to see their influence coming out in your work. And, that’s a good thing! We all stand on the shoulders of those artists that came before us. Do so proudly and as you mix and match the artists styles you admire you will begin creating work that is uniquely your own. Allow other art to ‘INFEST’ your work.

Then others will eventually be standing upon your shoulders and the cycle continues.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

*Which is probably why you won’t find me quoted in lists of photography quotes!