Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Jill Davidson M.Photog., CPP

I never know what will be the inspiration for the Sunday Photo/Art Quotes here on Successful Photographer. Occasionally something will jump out at me and catch my attention like turning a corner and seeing a snake that makes the heart get to racing.

This week was like that.

And it wasn’t specifically an ‘ART’ quote. But one I believe that can help lead you to make good art. Today’s quote comes from photographer Jill Davidson. It was in a Facebook post. Just the quote and no elaboration. Those are the short quotes I find the most inspiring.

jill davidson quote“Luck is hard work, dressed up for the prom.”  Jill Davidson

This is a theme that runs pretty regularly here in the blog, and I’m always looking for new ways to express and remind myself that it takes work to become lucky. I know I am extremely fortunate. But I do (almost) always work hard to get there. Funny when I work less I don’t seem to be as lucky. Hmm. I think sometimes photographers come to programs and seminars to learn the quick and easy way to learn a technique. A shortcut if you will. If that is all, they come for they tend to miss the underlying depth and dimension fo the technique and it is a mere shadow of what the presenter was sharing. Please remember that continuing education is great and should be pursued all the time. Learning is a life-long adventure, but it is only the beginning of you being able to create more artistic images.

Are you dressed up for the prom and putting in the work? Or are you wearing your sweats and T-shirt?

You can check out Jill’s photography here.

Yours in creative Photography,         Bob