Sunday Photo/Art Quote – William Eggleston

I share today’s thought from Eggleston who was one of the pioneers of the move to recognizing color photography a true art form. Remember as photography grew throughout the years any change to the medium was met with derision and skepticism. (can you say digital or Photoshop boys and girls??) As technology adds possibilities to processing our vision we get blowback from those who feel there is cheating going on… My personal feeling is can you get the image that is in your head output to another medium such as photo paper, metal or canvas or any material that helps tell the story the way you want it told. How you get there doesn’t matter to me.

Onward to the quote.

william eggleston quote

“You can take a good picture of anything. A bad one, too.” Willaim Eggleston

I share this idea with many people when I tell them I am a photographer and live in Sedona, Arizona. I almost always get this comment. “Oh, Sedona that’s a great place to be a photographer!” I always reply that yes Sedona is a beautiful place it’s not what makes for good photography. I’ve seen plenty of crappy photos of Cathedral Rock and I’ve seen some exquisite photographs of peppers and other ‘non-beautiful’ subjects.

We photograph the light. We photograph the shadows. We do it with composition and thought on color and juxtaposition of subjects within the scene.

I leave you with this thought. Are you taking (making) a good picture today?

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob