Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Ernst Haas

I love today’s Photo/Art Quote because it is hitting very close to home as I explore new ideas. The new explorations have received a head-start because I am always trying new ideas and attending classes, seminars, and conventions to expand my photographic knowledge.

I believe the quest is why I am still a photographer today. Photography is a career that I feel I will never be able to master. There is always a new technique, a different way of applying an old idea, and of course, new technology to learn.

Ernst, take it away.

ernst haas photo quote“I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new.” – Ernst Haas

“See things new.” What a great thought. I have started to notice more lighting scenarios as I go about my daily business. Here are a couple of reasons I am noticing new ways of seeing and some thoughts for you.

I just took a Light-Painting class with John Hartman. Watching how he was layering (painting) in the light in tiny sections and then layering those images with thought and finesse to create the final image has me seeing in a new way. It makes you hyper-aware of the play of light on a subject and how you want to portray each little nuance of a scene. This technique also makes you pre-visualize how you want the final image to appear.

Making time-lapse videos has changed the way I watch light as the sun dips toward and below the horizon. It is almost as if I see now in time-lapse form. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you start creating more time-lapse videos, you’ll start to know what I mean. The benefit to seeing like this is when taking still photographs you’ll have a better idea of the ideal time to snap the shutter.

There are more examples, but I’m done for today… It’s time to head into the studio and make more water droplet splash photos. Starting to see some fascinating things frozen in time. Yet another way to “See things new.”

I like it!

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob