Sunday Photo/Art Quote from Sir Herkomer on Magic & Light

I’m always on the lookout for creative photography quotes & this week’s selection comes courtesy of Michael Colin Campbell. He’s a fabulous photographer and maintains an excellent photography FaceBook Group called On Photography. (check out On Photography here) Michael is a historian of photography as well, and I get great enjoyment from following his posts there. I recommend you drop by and check it out and become part of the conversation.

herkomer photo quote“It is by the management of light that we touch the true magic of our art.” Sir Hubert von Herkomer

This quote grabbed me because of its simplicity as most wonderful quotes do. It brought to mind that what we as photographers do when we do it well, is capture magic. While Herkomer is a painter, I feel many other arts inform our photography if we are open to it. When an image is created with well-executed lighting, it can bring out strong emotion in the viewer. Which leads me to the craft of what we do. Have you attempted to master your lighting skills? Do you practice and experiment pushing the boundaries of your knowledge of light? Or, are you a ‘Natural Light Photographer’?

Please don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate being able to find and see the fabulous light in any situation. But I believe we need to be able to use ‘available light’. And by that, I mean any and all lighting that is available which includes light from whatever source we can get our hands on to create the proper shadows that will make our images sing.

As if by Magic…

Here is an example of the stunning light and depth Herkomer has created.

von herkomer painting detail EventideEventide: A Scene in the Westminster Union (workhouse), 1878

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

PS – I’ve been at this as a pro for over twenty years. Maybe I’m a slow learner, but I’m still working on learning and experimenting with light. I don’t think I’ll ever master photography & lighting, but I sure enjoy trying!