sunday photo/art quote – krist

Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Bob Krist

Today’s Photo/Art Quote comes with, I’m sure, a bit of tounge planted firmly in cheek. But that’s just my opinion.

Bob Krist is a fabulous travel photographer, author of several books and contributor to National Geographic Traveler and Outdoor Photographer Magazines. Check out some of Bob’s work here.

photographer bob krist quote“Carrying a camera on vacation pretty much means you won’t see anything worth shooting.”  Bob Krist

Without the context of the quote I can take this meaning a couple of different ways. I’ll leave it to you to post your own thoughts as to the Bob’s exact meaning.

Youors in creative Photography,     Bob

PS – Maybe if Bob sees this he can chime in with a slightly expounded explanation.

PPS – Here is a link to some of Bob’s books.


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