Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Robert Genn

Canadian Painter Robert Genn wrote a blog called The Painter’s Keys for many years before he moved on to the next world. I count myself lucky to have been a follower for some years. I learned many great ideas about painting, art, color and other tidbits that transfer over from painting to photography. Sometimes the correlation is not immediately obvious, but I must say I believe my photography has improved quite a bit once I started studying art and artists.

Robert may be gone, but The Painters Keys lives on through his daughter Sara, who reprises some of the ‘best-of’ letters from her dad and supplements them with letters and ideas of her own continuing the tradition. I think the art world is the better for it.

Today’s quote is a simple one from Robert, but one I believe needs to be seen on a regular basis lest we forget.

robert genn quote“The more you practice what you know, the more you know what to practice.”   Robert Genn

We can all get into a groove that is comfortable when we work and even when we play. You may have heard the expression, if you spend too much time inside a groove you turn it into a rut.

Do your work. Don’t forget those personal projects that help you explore and practice new ideas. Find what works. Push it to the next level. Make some mistakes. Try again.

Practice more so you know what to practice!

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

PS – Check out The Painter’s Keys. Take a look at some of the letters and sign up for notifications of new letters. They come out about twice-weekly. You’ll be glad you did I think you’ll be surprised how much we photographers have in common with painters and other artists.