I was asked to post on a forum the things I am thankful for and I thought I’d share them here… How about you? What are you thankful for??

I am constantly aware of how thankful I am for being one of the luckiest people on the face of the planet earth.

My wife Holly who supports what I do in so many ways.

Fellow photographers over the centuries and years who share their knowledge through books, seminars, workshops and allow me to stand upon their shoulders to create images that have been impossible in the past.

That I can say no to jobs that I don’t feel are right for me.

For all the educational opportunities available to expand my knowledge.

For the genes passed by my parents which have given me the talent, patience, work ethic and good looks
; )> to allow me to succeed in business and personal relationships.

Being able to travel outside the borders of the US receiving a world view to realize how truly wonderful we have it here under the American flag.

For those who have gone above and beyond in service to our country.

That I have all my senses intact, to see, to hear and feel with intensity.

For the general good health that is mine… and for the occasional health problems that remind me of how good I really feel.

For friends and fellow photographers who I can support in their projects with ideas and who support and cheer me on in my endeavors.

That I am able to share my knowledge with other photographers through giving programs which in turn becomes a platform for me to learn even more.

For the new micro 4/3rds format cameras which have given me a new excitement in photography because of the fact I can now have my camera in my hot little hands all the time.

My relationship with Panasonic as a sponsor for photography education programs.

The fact that I am able to give back to, and support, my community through photography.

I’m thankful that I get to deliver Meals on Wheels and share a small part of my week with those who need a little help in my dad’s honor. This selfishly allows me to spend some spiritual time with my father who passed away over five years ago. At that time he was still delivering MOW to, as he said, “the old folks” at age 86. I had promised to pick up a route when I said goodbye…

Music and musicians!

Good food. And, the occasional bad meal which makes me appreciate good food all the more!

Good wine.


Did I mention my wife Holly? She’s the best!