time lapse sunrise – tampa

Tampa Time Lapse Sunrise

While I was in Florida for the Lumix Luminary summit on the GH5 I had scheduled a couple of extra days in Florida to photograph wildlife and nature scenes.

Thanks to fellow PPA member Rob Bird I was able to get to some cool areas with great subject matter. One of the benefits of being a PPA member is that you have photographer contacts who know the lay of the land all around the country. We got up and going for what I call dawn patrol to capture the city of Tampa at sunrise. I decided I’d work a couple of cameras with my Lumix GX8 capturing a time lapse of the whole sunrise while I used the Lumix GX85 for stills.

Tampa sunrise set to the music of Eric Miller – ericmiller-worldmusic.com The video was put together using ScreenFlow a screen capture program that has some pretty powerful video processing features.

The time lapse features of the Lumix cameras are pretty amazing. You don’t have to add an intervalometer because it is built-in. You can select your timing between image capture, the number of frames, start and stop times in an easy to use interface. But, here’s the incredible part. You can process the finished time lapse in the camera. Choices for how many frames per second and quality level is chosen. In this case, I prepared the files to a 4K .mov video. 4K allows me to move around within the image in post-production when using a smaller timeline.

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob




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