tribute to julianne kost window seat

Julianne Kost rocks!

Saw her presentation at the Sedona Photofest last week and picked up more ideas for my creative work. She has been an inspiration to me for many years and even seeing her program again I always get fired up about creative imaging all over again.

This post is a salute to Julianne turning a lemon into lemonade. In case you didn’t know she is not a fan of flying. OK maybe that’s a bit to soft. She really is uncomfortable flying. But, as she speaks to image makers all across the country for her job at Adobe flying is a big part of her work. So she chooses to get the best view from 30,000 feet and started capturing and creating interesting images from the air and compiled them into a book called Window Seat’. I got my copy autographed back in 2006 and still pop back into the pages for ideas. In addition to sharing her images she gives some tips, tricks and ideas on how the final images were created using Photoshop.

As I flew across the country this week from Phoenix to Philadelphia I made some photos from my own window seat and share them with you here.

Phoenix photo from airportPhoenix from the tarmac while waiting for some crossing traffic.

aireal photo phoenixPhoenix neighborhood… a study in line and form.

desert and clouds imageIt feels like an ocean wave working it’s way over the desert hills.

clouds from above photoIt was a really good cloud day. Fun shooting them from above for a different perspective.

My images were created using a Lumix GX7 my favorite travel camera using the 35-100mm f2.8 Vario Lens. Julianne suggests a bit wider lens and shooting at f2.8 to make sure the outside of the window does not get in focus. In using the longer lens I was able to isolate and crop in on details as they unfolded. Be aware that as the plane is traveling over 500 MPH if you see something fire the shutter fast or it’s gone. Also don’t tilt the camera too far down as you’ll be shooting through too much glass and get the bottom of your capture blurred.

Order up Julianne’s book. You’ll get lots of ideas and inspiration to find your own personal project turning lemons into lemonade…

Yours in Photography,        Bob

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  1. george on said:

    Great story Bob. I have her book, but not signed! I had moved and your comments make me go find it this evening. I have been in good sized conventions where she is speaking; people ask me if she is good. I always reply that she is NOT to be missed. She is approachable. After one program, I went forward to ask a related question; she said she had to dismantle her gear, and said please come to Adobe trade show space in a little while. I sure did. I saw her this last January, reminded her, and she is so approachable.

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