Tuesday Painterly Art – Kristi Elias

I have watched Kristi grow and set her work apart from others on so many levels. It has been an amazing journey to watch. Here is some of Kristi’s work and words to inspire you in your artistic quest in photography. While Kristi’s images do not involve painting per se they have a distinctive art feel to them. I turn this post over to Kristi.

image © kriti sutton elias Look carefully at this image and check out the background build.
(not to mention the build and definition on the fighter) – image © Kristi Sutton Eliasimage © kriti sutton eliasOriginal capture. Note the kicker lights that help with background separation and extraction.
image © Kristi Sutton Elias

“I am a fine art portrait photographer, a good portion of my work is conceptual composites. I create between 40-over 60 composites a week for client orders, some are more involved than others. The amount of time to create the composite varies depending on if I am reinventing the wheel and creating a new concept and artwork from scratch or re-creating a piece that I have created for another client before.

image © Kristi Sutton Elias After processing. image © Kristi Sutton Elias

image © Kristi Sutton Elias Original capture. image © Kristi Sutton Elias

“Most of my backgrounds were taken during our vacations, I pick vacation spots based on images I would like to create. Medieval and abandoned castles are my favorite, this year we are going back to Europe and I already have a shot list of where I want to go.

image © Kristi Sutton Elias Original captures. See the final below. (I merged the three images original for this illustration: ED.)
image © Kristi Sutton Elias

Kristi Elias-14_600p Final image © Kristi Sutton Elias

“After I shoot a session, I upload my images into lightroom and cull through them rating my favorites. After that, I will open my selected image into photoshop and create the composite. Sometimes my composites could be 5 images put together to create the final image and sometimes just 2 images. After I have created my final composite, I use NIK Software Color EFX Pro 4 to create my final vision. I have a few go-to tools that I like to use, but overall each image is treated differently as its own piece of art. Some of my go-to’s are dark contrast and bleach bypass and darken lighten center. The best thing to do is go through all the filters and see what each one does and play with all the levels. Before I start an edit I look at the image and decide what color pallets, hues, and mood I want the final image to portray. I have created hand-painted backgrounds that I photographed and use for textures in my work.

image © Kristi Sutton Eliasimage © Kristi Sutton Elias

image © Kristi Sutton EliasStarting with a well-lit capture that has depth and dimension makes selling the final image that much easier image © Kristi Sutton Elias

“Another important part involved in my editing, I listen to Love songs or country love songs on pandora while I edit.  Mood music :).”

www.KristiElias.com (Masterpiece Portraits)
www.KristiSuttonElias.com  (Editorial and Advertising)

Kristi will be teaching a week long class on “The Fine Art of Portraiture” at Texas school this year. Click on the link to learn more about the class. It will be a very creative and fun class!


Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob