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Nylora-Joy Bruleigh M.Photog., M. Artist, Cr., CPP

I met Nylora when I was speaking and judging at a convention. I was impressed with the animal/people composite work she was creating. After Nylora earned both her Master of Photography and Craftsman Degrees in 2012, she decided it was time to step up her game and take the plunge into entering the Master Artist Category through Professional Photographers of America International Photographic Competition. She shares, “I had no idea these would become my favorite type of images to create! I quickly determined after creating my first image that I had to make a series. By doing this, not only did it give me a place to start but it helped me move from one image to another. The series I began with is titled Once Upon a Time and is all inspired from fairytales.”

© Nylora BruleighOne of Nylora’s first attempts was “Who’s the Fairest of them all?” © Nylora Bruleigh (Images with guide images as in this photograph are presented so PPA judges may see how much work goes into the final)

“I am lucky to have young women that are willing to model for me whenever I need them too. I connected with a local modeling agency early on in this adventure. I can contact them with the look I need, and they send me options, and we go from there! When I decide on a new image, I pull all my ideas together and start piecing the parts together. For this picture, I found this mirror at a yard sale for a couple of dollars, had the costume from an after Halloween sale and had the table in my stash. The model was someone I had photographed before, and the man in the mirror is my husband taken with a flashlight in the bathroom! I also work with a local makeup artist.

“Most of the time, I have a good idea of what the finished image will look like before I even start, sometimes that is how the final image looks, and sometimes I make some changes along the way. The trick is to keep an open mind and be willing to go with the flow of what the process tells you to do.”

Here are a couple of others from her fairy tales series.

© Nylora BruleighThe Seven Dwarves personified – © Nylora Bruleigh

© Nylora Bruleigh photographLook familiar?? – © Nylora Bruleigh

“Another series that I have been working on is my Animal Series. This was inspired by my daughter who loves animals. I found a young lady that was happy to do it. I have spent some time at the zoo photographing all the animals knowing that I would be using them for this next series posed with young ladies to tell a story. All of the animals are shot first in their environment, and then I look through and decide what look I want and what the story will be. Then I photograph the women in the studio to fit with the animal so that I can get the pose and light for the subjects to match and then add the background.”

living the highlife © Nylora BruleighThis one is titled “Living the Highlife” – © Nylora Bruleigh

© Nylora Bruleigh© Nylora Bruleigh

“I would encourage you to push yourself and try something new with your photography every chance you get! Not only will it keep you from getting in a rut with your work and keep things fresh but it will continue to inspire you and create new idea! It may just change the course you are on!”

Nylora-Joy Bruleigh’s Biography­

Nylora Bruleigh has been specializing in women’s portraiture. In 2009 Bruleigh decided she needed a more creative outlet and started focusing on a more fine art feel to her portraits.

Bruleigh travels New England teaching seminars about creating fine art portraiture and training others to look inside themselves to set up their thought provoking pieces. In 2012 she received both her Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman Degrees. In 2015 Bruleigh received her Master Artist Degree through PPA and is proudly the only one in her state of NH to hold that degree. She has many international awards for her fine art and portrait work most including 2 top 10 awards for the GIA, the Kodak Gallery Elite and most recently received the Canon Par Excellence Award in the Master Artist Category Northeast Districts.

You can see more of Bruleigh’s work in her book titled “Fine Art Portrait Photography” published by Amherst Media.

Nylora’s website www.PhotographyByNylora.com

Blog: www.Nylorajoy.com   Instagram: NyloraJoy

Yours in  Creative Photography,           Bob