Tuesday painterly Photo Art – Julianne Kost Part 2

Julianne keeps pushing in new directions. In

In Part One of Julianne in this blog, we spoke of her Adobe Photoshop Evangelism which is her primary job. No that’s not a religious designation. She travels around the country sharing new features of the Photoshop and Lightroom programs with photographers.

While on her travels she creates art that many of us would not think to do until we saw it. I hear the chorus of voices now. “I could have done that!!” But you didn’t. Julianne sat looking out from the window seat of jet planes traveling 30,000 plus feet in the air a got a vision of how to use that vantage point to create art and share with others how that art was created.

Window Seat

Kost travels about 250 days a year, and, for better or worse, she’s required to fly to get to almost all of the places she visits. As a result, Julianne spends lots of time on airplanes in those tiny, cramped seats with little to do but try to work or read.

© jkostWindow Seat Image – © Julianne Kost

© jkost window seat photoWindow Seat Image – © Julianne Kost

Julianne shares the genesis of the project,

Shooting photographs allows me to stay sane during those long flights, because what most people don’t know is that I have a bit of a handicap when it comes to flying; I am scared to death of it. I’ve always been afraid of flying, but during one particular 20-minute bout of turbulence in the middle of the Andes years ago, I found myself white-knuckled, fingers embedded in the hard plastic armrests. It was in that instant that the camera became a comforting buffer between the reality of that moment and my own thoughts.”

julianna kost window seat book coverWindow Seat – The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking

“I discovered that shooting pictures out of the plane window allowed me to view the scenery in a different context: not as the earth some 30,000 feet below, but as an immense, constantly scrolling image. As long as I could see the world as an image through an eyepiece rather than as a harsh, physical reality, the threat was less real. I became a spectator – an observer of the scene rather than part of it.”

kost autographed window seatJulianne Autographed my copy back in 2006 – The book is still valid today as a learning tool

Passenger Seat

© jkost passenger seat photoPassenger Seat Image – © Julianne Kost

Julianne referred me to the Adobe blog site for more information on her Passenger Seat project where she was interviewed by Lex van den Berghe who is a Principal Product Manager on the Digital Imaging team at Adobe.

This will get you started on Lex’s interview…

Tell us more about how you got started with the Passenger Seat series. Where did the inspiration come from?

Passenger Seat, the project, started as a purely personal one as I traveled through the northeastern United States to view the leaves in fall. We drove all day looking for iconic New England landscapes, and between the small towns, I started taking images out the window of the car. At the end of the day, the images that I had made “in between” were the images that resonated with me. I found myself capturing a distinct yet ephemeral moment that was not entirely apparent or observable when the image was made, yet these photographs conveyed the mood, colors, and transient notion of fall better than anything that I had mindfully composed.

passenger seat book cover julianne kostPassenger Seat – Creating a Photographic Project from Conception through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

With photography so often about the obsession of capturing perfect moments and frames in crystal clear focus, can you explain what it was like to create images that seemed to deliberately go against the grain of all technical and aesthetic conventions?

It was fun! I believe we need to constantly explore different techniques and subjects in order to stay healthy and not atrophy. This project helped me continue to look at things with a new perspective, photograph what I could not see, learn how to make technology work for me, and “let go” and lose myself in the process of making images.

© jkost passenger seat imagePassenger Seat Image – © Julianne Kost

Continue reading the rest of the Passenger Seat blog post here

Kost Bio

Named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Julieanne Kost is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe Systems, responsible for fostering relationships with customers through meaningful and inspirational Photoshop and Lightroom instruction. As a highly sought-after speaker for the industry-standard Digital Imaging franchise, she devises and presents motivating and educational training sessions, sharing original techniques and tutorials worldwide — via live events, Adobe.com, her own website (jkost.com) and blog (blogs.adobe.com/jkost). She is also the author of “Passenger Seat—Creating a photographic project from conception through execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” and “Window Seat — The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking”, (I have an autographed copy: Ed) an accomplished photographer and fine artist, and creator and host of the popular Photoshop CC Essential Training, Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training, and the Art of Photoshop Compositing for Lynda.com.

Kost is well-known for her unique approach to instruction, infusing practical tips and tricks with an equal amount of humor and creativity that keeps audiences entertained and engaged. She often serves as a guest lecturer at distinguished photography workshops, industry events, and leading educational institutions around the world. She’s a contributing columnist and author for a variety of print and online publications and has created over 500 instructional videos as the host of Adobe’s “The Complete Picture” featuring Lightroom and Photoshop, serves as producer and instructor of the “Lightroom Getting Started” and “What’s New in Lightroom,” training courses, as well as the “Revitalize your Workflow with Lightroom” seminar on CreativeLive.

Kost has been recognized for her outstanding service and contributions to the professional photographic industry, winning the Gerhard Bakker Award from the Professional Photographers of America, the Honorary Educational Associate Award from the American Society of Photographers and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

The combination of her passion for photography, mastery of digital imaging techniques and her degree in psychology, makes her photographic and fine artwork familiar, yet surreal with inventive and mysterious worlds where things are not quite as they seem. Her work has been exhibited numerous times and featured on Behance.net, PetaPixel.com, thisiscolossal.com, photographyserved.com, and Photoshop.com.

Kost holds an AA in Fine Art Photography and a BS in Psychology.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob