tuesday painterly photo art – tumason

Tuesday Painterly Photo Art – Paul Tumason

It’s fun to find new art and artists (to me) once you start poking around. I’m happy to share Paul’s painterly photography work with you today on the Successful-Photographer blog.

Paul’s Thoughts on Painterly Portrait Art.

“A portrait describes what the subject looks like in a painting, a photograph or a sculpture.
Portraits might include other objects which help to explain the subjects, A portrait, like all art, is something to “read”.

© paul tumason photo artCristi & the Boys Painter Art – © Paul Tumason

© paul tumason photoCristi & the Boys before – Notice that Paul is starting with a very nicely posed and lit image before he begins the painting process.

I enjoy being engaged with the story of the subjects. Of course, so much is left to our imaginations, but the artist gives us clues about what the subject is thinking, what they do, or the emotions held deep inside them, what they feel about themselves, and of course, what they look like.

Some of us just think of the likeness that shall be portrayed, But to me, it’s what the subject tells us in confidence about themselves that makes portraiture so interested to me. Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

© Paul Tumason An extraction from and image and treated with a pastel feel – © Paul Tumason

© Paul TumasonOriginal ballet capture – © Paul Tumason

On the creating my “painted” images, I start with my photograph, not always a formal portrait, as I like the candid type of unaware subjects. Like every one of us, we have particular likes and dislikes, and preferences.  We just like certain things. I find this hard to explain: but I’ll attribute it to human nature.
I try to make everything left in the image count for something.

The painting process for me is to soften some things, leave some sharp, lose some edges, define as little as possible while leaving as much as possible for the viewer’ imagination.

ellie © Paul Tumason‘Ellie’ – © Paul Tumason

© Paul Tumason‘Ellie’ before – See how the artistic treatment in the after image simplifies the scene and brings the subject forward. © Paul Tumason

Much of my work is for my enjoyment. I like to print images, sometimes to study, but often to show to prospects, hoping that they would really like them and commission me to do a portrait for them in this style. In a way, it’s a method of marketing and separating myself from the competition.”

Paul has taught portraiture, including composition and lighting to photographers since the 1980’s including some Corel Painter classes here and there. He doesn’t work at this as a regular gig. If you are interested in Paul’s style, let him know if you’d like to have a class. He would love to schedule something for you. Otherwise, you are always welcome for a brief phone conversation to talk about our painterly art, or if you’d like to hire Paul as a tutor.

Learn more and view Paul’s work at www.tumasonpaintings.com

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob



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