Tuesday Photo Art

Gregory Daniel FDPE, FSA, M.Photog. CR., CPP, F-ASP

The Tuesday Photo Art blog post is featuring photographers who are taking photography to a new level using Photoshop and Painter techniques to offer more upscale products to their clientele and differentiate themselves in the now very competitive photography market. Most featured artists have shared their techniques in creating the art. Here Greg is sharing information a bit more on the business side which is something we artist types can let slide to the detriment of our wallets.

With that introduction, I’m turning today’s post over to Greg.

Stay True To Yourself

Today more than any other time in our industry being unique is critically important to the success of our businesses and personal sanity.  Tons of noise in the marketplace is what I hear and experience every day.  Everywhere you turn there are ads from all walks of life competing for our attention.  Many appear to be attempts at desperation with price reductions and specials as a means to stand out from the crowd.  Producing products, services, branding and experiences like everyone else lands you in the wading pool of commodity.  So this begs the question on how to rise above the noise and be noticed.

I will attempt to share some concepts and principles that have shaped my path for the past 36 years in business.

gregory daniel signing photographic artworkGreg is adding the finishing touch, the signature, to his art portrait.

Stay True To Yourself 

I have found this to be the foundation for our success.  If you are interested in being different, looking unique and standing apart look no further than yourself.  There is only one you and no one else can be you!  Fortunately early on in my career, I found my uniqueness through the love of art museums.  You could find me in the library poring over books about artists or in galleries during family vacations.  Since the late 80’s these art galleries were and are a beacon of light for my vision to fuse my love for photography with painterly galleries.  Staying true to this personal love and vision has been the incredible satisfying artistically along with setting myself apart from the commodity.

Your Audience

Certainly it goes without saying that if you want a business to be successful, you need to identify who your buyer will be.  The commodity is for the world of mass marketing, which is not only expensive but also difficult.  Identifying, who your specific client is, will narrow the marketing beam to a laser.  In our case, the audience were families that appreciated unique handcrafted works of art.  This could stand true from shaving products, dining experience, tailored clothing, interior designs and high-end vacations.  Here’s the think, it is a must to know who to let know you exist!

greg danile portraitFinished portrait, framed and installed

The Product

Now here is an area that I commonly see as an issue during my many mentor sessions with students.  I truly believe starting with creating one single product that defines who you are, is paramount to clearly communicating to your audience.  Developing your unique product and getting feedback from your audience is critical to business success.  Clearly our audience recognizes a Gregory Daniel Mixed Media Portrait as our signature commissioned product.  These are uniquely designed pieces to fit the lifestyle of their beautiful home.

Final Thoughts

I encourage each of you to dig deep inside to find the true you.  There is wonderful joy in knowing the business you have created was built on the foundation of your core desire. Communicating through this beautiful art form with your personal language is a gift to yourself and your audience.


Gregory Daniel  M. Photog.,Cr. CPP, F-ASP, FDPE, FSA

Greg and his wife Lesa Daniel are internationally recognized for their artistry and run Gregory Daniel Portrait Artist Though he is one of the most awarded photographers in the United States, Greg has the utmost privilege of living out his passion every day alongside Lesa in operating their portrait photography galleries in both Indialantic and Titusville Florida. He has achieved both the title of Master of Photography and The American Society of Photographers Fellowship. In addition, Greg is one of the youngest members to be inducted into the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America in 1991, proud, founding member of the International Society of Portrait Artists (ISPA) and on the Board of Directors, Professional Photographers of America.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

PS – Thanks to Greg for sharing his knowledge here on Successful-Photographer. If you have a photographic artist you would like to see featured let me know.