Tuesday Photo Art – Richard Ramsey

Tuesday’s on Successful-Photographer, now dedicated to the art of converting images beyond that of a photograph and converting the image in a more Painterly/Artistic direction. We’ll be taking to look at the artist/photographers who are forging their way forward in creating a new art form with photography at its base.

Today’s artist is photographer Richard Ramsey.

I met Richard through a Mastermind group of which I was a part. I got to see him move forward and develop this technique until I recognized him as an absolute master  His work is very painterly in the traditional sense and looks much more like a painting than a photograph sometimes entirely swapping out the background for a different look.

Let’s take a look at some of Ramsey’s work…

richard ramsey artworkThis painting was created from an IPhone capture.

ramsey photo art paintingA combination of two source photos was the start of this painting.

Corel’s Painter software program is Richard’s toolset of choice. He has become so good at Painter, he has taught other photographers in the past and created DVD tutorials on Painter 10. As I understand, Richard is working on a new DVD of tutorials to help get photographers on track to creating their own masterpieces. (but like many photographers he’s a bit of a procrastinator) If you want to learn how to use Painter you might check into Richard’s dvds. Richard is in a transition period where he doesn’t have a website with the DVDs on it. For now, send him an email and he will return a flyer showing the DVDs offered. ramsey@bellsouth.net

To see more of his Painter work for clients check this website – ramseyphotography.com

As far as learning Painter on your own, Richard says, “Just be persistent and don’t get in a hurry.  Creating a painting is not that complicated. When looking at any program, it can be overwhelming.  Hundreds of brushes and controls to deal with but you only need to use a few to create a beautiful painting.”

If you are into learning Painter, get in there and dig around. Use the advice I give my Photoshop students, “Play, play, and play some more!!” (ed.)

So, if you are into learning Painter, get in there and dig around. Use the advice I give my Photoshop students, “Play, play, and play some more!!” I have decided, after trying a few times and taking some classes, that Painter is not for me. If you find that is the case for you but want to offer this kind of legacy product to your clients, hire Richard to make the painting for you. Here’s his email for questions about the Painting program or hiring him to paint for you. ramsey@bellsouth.net

richard ramsey corel painter artNotice when Richard creates his paintings the entire image is transformed. I’ve noticed during my judging that many photographers new at this leave too much photo realism in the finished piece.

ramsey finished painter imageNote Richard’s use of color that is carried throughout his paintings.ramsey and corel painterCouldn’t resist sharing one more!

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob