two minutes

What ties the images below together??

Other than they are of the same subject?

Great white egret bird photo

Great White Egret image.


Great White Egret image.


Great White Egret image.


Great White Egret image.


Great White Egret image.

Well I gave you hint at the answer in the title of this post. All five images were created withing two minutes. How many different looks can you obtain by changing the direction in which you shoot? Look at the different color and feel of each image. The mood is totally different in each capture.

Plenty of options exist in a single situation and exploring the possibilities beyond the obvious help define us as photographers. Next time you are on a shoot circle your subject and see how many different looks come about. After a while you’ll start to pre visualize exactly what you want to show… And I’ll bet it will be different than what you are automatically photographing now.

Images captured with the Lumix GH4 100-300mm f4.0-5.6

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