Week one. Really good intentions. Two or three posts for my blog as I promised to do each week. Yeah success! Week two. Procrastination. One post. Avoidance. Not sure what to write about.
Week three. I’ll get to it tomorrow or the next day…

“Oh, Sh%$!! It’s been two months since my last post… Again.” Sound familiar??

Okay, how to break the cycle?? I found an answer.

I came across this girl named Jenika who claims a web site called ‘Psychology for Photographers’ that will help in creating web site posts with interesting content that pulls clients in. And, it won’t be hard to do.

“HA!” is what I said.

Then she pulled me, a skeptic, in. In a very short time of poking around on her blog. I liked her info enough to lay out some cash, and now I like it even more. Here’s a link to learn about ‘Irresistible Words’ An amazingly helpful way to learn to create content.

Here’s the deal. I came in late to share this with you so you only have until November 6 to get this ‘Irresistible Words’ course for only $119 bucks. After November 6 it’s $249 and word is it will never be available for $119 again.

But, even if you read this on the 7th of November or later it’s still worth the $249 and I encourage you to get it anyway. You will be shocked at how well this stuff works. She gives you 30 days to try it out. If it’s not your cup of tea – she refunds your money. So what’s to loose??

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