The stallion’s ebony mane flew like feathers in the breeze created by the speed of his flight across the desert plain. It’s the quintessential image of freedom. Witness to the energy of one ‘horsepower’ moving with grace I felt a charge welling up inside… And I was moved. Almost lost the shot I was so entwined in the moment. But, I didn’t. Slowly I squeezed the shutter and captured the moment to share with you in the hope you get a taste and feel what I feel when viewing this power.

galloping horse photoHorse galloping in a Monument Valley box canyon.

I’ve always had an interest in the power of equine movement. Now, I’m starting to learn how to share the experience through the written word, as well as the visual, so others can understand my emotion in the moment. You can learn to share in an engaging way too.

If you want to make money in your business you need to entertain your customers. Writing in an emotional and visual manner will move people to sales because they read your message and understand.

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