While in Salt Lake City I had a chance to chase around the area for some scenic photos. On the way to Park City we passed by this area. Lots of material to work with in this scene. St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic church is an attractive piece of architecture in the field. Throw in the cattails that are changing color behind the split rail fence. Add some mountains and clouds in the background and there are lots of permutations for different looks in working the scene. My favorite is a panoramic that was stitched in the camera. The Lumix GX7 really has an incredible ability to keep lines in place while putting the image together. It will tell you if you’ve gone astray either panning too fast or too slow or offline and lets you start over to shoot it properly.

Of course, you need to get in the proper position for everything to work in the final composition. Here’s a shot of me getting the shot by Panasonic rep (and great touring partner!) Kristin Long.

photo of bob coates by kristinKristin Long photo of me getting the shot.

And the shot….

st mary's of the Assumtion Catholic Church photoSt Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church – Park City, Utah