tuesday photo art – richard ramsey

Tuesday Photo Art – Richard Ramsey Tuesday’s on Successful-Photographer, now dedicated to the art of converting images beyond that of a photograph and converting the image in a more Painterly/Artistic direction. We’ll be taking to look at the artist/photographers who … Continue reading

creating art from photography

Photography Art – Making Painterly Images I am extremely fortunate in many ways, one of which is being named a PPA Approved Juror. This gives me the opportunity to be exposed to photographers creativity in a very intense, concentrated form. … Continue reading

business marketing people photos

Business Marketing Staff Photos Looking for a way to better serve your business clients? Here’s a way to make that happen and become more valuable to your clients. Many businesses have staff members that change regularly either through attrition or … Continue reading

sunday photo/art quote 1/24

Eat Pray Love I feel like I’m catching up with an old very good friend who’s been away adventuring. You know, the friend when you first met felt like you’d known each other forever? The friend who’s been away for … Continue reading

sunday photo/art quote 1/3

Sunday Photo/Art Quote Speaking through another medium. We are photographers but within our chosen medium we have many ways of bringing attention to our subjects. Composition, lighting, color, tone and contrast all plat a part. But if we examine our … Continue reading

post focus

Choose your focus later. The photography world is changing around you as I write this post! At least it feels that way as new cameras and features are introduced in short order. I’ve never been on the front edge of … Continue reading

ottmar liebert sound bites grill photo art part two

Photoshop Tutorial Creating Photo Art Let’s go into a little more detail on the creation of the photo art for the Sound Bites Grill ‘Wall of Fame’ with guitarist Ottmar Liebert as the subject. The process is one I’ve dubbed … Continue reading