location shoot with fillex brick p-100

I was called on to capture some in-situ art pieces. The mandate was to show the pottery as art but also in place as decor. Of course budget was a concern as is often the case in shoots like this. … Continue reading

music cd packaging

Honored… That’s what I am when I am asked to help fellow artists, in this case musicians, to photograph and create images and packaging to help them sell their CD. Eric Miller and Ralf Illenberger are releasing a new music … Continue reading

sunday photo/art quote 3/1

Dean Collins was a lighting master extraordinaire and wonderful educator. If you have the chance to study his old videos you will learn a lot. Purchase here.Yes, he was still based in film but the lighting techniques don’t change. You’ll have … Continue reading

hows your head shot

We all use social media to promote our photography business. But, I ask how do you show up? Do your have a professional portrait that shows that you value professional photography? Or, have you posted a snapshot, or worse, a … Continue reading

images for phoenix airport hilton

Had a full day shoot for the Phoenix Airport Hilton. They are going through an $8M renovation with a complete redo of all the rooms and an update on all the common areas in the hotel. They have asked me … Continue reading

photography lighting education

Shadow edge transition.     Origin and source of light.     Specular highlights.     Split light.      Rembrandt light. Harsh light. Soft light. Nummy light (that’s one of my own!). Inverse Square Law. Fall off. Lighting ratios. When I started to study auxilliary lighting for … Continue reading