creating art from photography

Photography Art – Making Painterly Images I am extremely fortunate in many ways, one of which is being named a PPA Approved Juror. This gives me the opportunity to be exposed to photographers creativity in a very intense, concentrated form. … Continue reading

silver medalist ppa

Received a nice piece of mail the other day celebrating the images from my Artist case at Professional Photographers of America (PPA). It was the certificate indicating that I was named a Silver Medalist in the International Imaging Competition. The … Continue reading

sunday photo/art quote 8/23

Thanks to Karl Mullings, a photographer in Flagstaff, Arizona, for this reminder of a quote from one of his and my mentors, Donald Jack. It came up in a forum post about how a photographer wouldn’t participate in Imaging Competition … Continue reading

ppa ipc

Coming soon! If you are a PPA member you’ll be able to stream the International Photographic Competition (IPC). Even if you don’t have images in the competition there’s a wealth of information and ideas that get shared during challenges. A … Continue reading

last years ppa image entries

2014 was a very fine year in my Imaging Competition history. A Silver Photographer of the Year Award in my Photographic Open case entries and a Diamond Photographer of the Year Award for my Master Artist imaging entries. As I’m … Continue reading

ppa imaging competition

Wanna make better images? I do. Always. Which is why I continue to participate in the Imaging Competition through Professional Photographers of America (PPA) after 16 years. Probably the word Competition should be removed as it implies that you are … Continue reading