panoramic photo

I really enjoy the field of view you can achieve with a panoramic photo. The Lumix GX8 is pretty solid with the in-camera stitching when you need a quick capture of the scene for sharing… And with this version going … Continue reading

gx8 panorama

Playing some more with the in-camera panorama stitching on the Lumix GX8 again… This time in the Village of Oak Creek with Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte as the stars of the show. I used the 20mm f1.7. This combo … Continue reading

want more pixels

Sometimes you just want more pixels in an image. Do you have to buy a new more expensive camera? Nope. You just have to learn how to sew… I mean stitch. Basically even with the 16MP micro 4/3rds chip we … Continue reading

ppa diamond and silver photographer

I compete to stretch my photography skill set in order to keep growing and to get some feedback from my peers on how my work is stacking up. This year I received a more than pleasant surprise as my most … Continue reading